Monday, 23 December 2013

Cold weather trend - tip your gas jockey !

In cold weather like this, nothing sucks more than filling up the car. That's why many of us leave it to the poor gas jockey.

At the best of times pumping gas is a thankless job, take it from someone who used to do it back in high school.

For minimum wage you get to spend most of your day breathing in fumes. No matter how many layers you wear, you and your clothes will stink of gas at the end of a shift. Customers are sometimes rude, worst of all are those that, when there is a miscommunication in the amount of gas you want, end up sticking YOU with the difference.

Add to that -20 or -30 windchill temperatures and the job becomes a special kind of hell.

For many people, tipping 15% at a restaurant is a given. I know many people who do not think twice about throwing their change into the "tip cup" next to the register for a cashier who took a few seconds to pour out a coffee or pop the cap off a bottle of beer.

When it comes to gas jockeys, though, we seem to feel that they are not deserving of such a gratuity despite the fact that they're doing a job that we coldn't be botehred to do ourselves.

Try it next time you are getting someone to fill your car for you. A loonie or toonie from your change bin, (a whole 2 to 5% on a $40 fill), will be appreciated by your gas jockey, for wom tips are a rare sight.

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Winnipeg Girl said...

Great post! I always do in winter - since I get gas at co-op I always get full serve, even though they have the option of self serve - there is a reason I'm not pumping my own gas and that's called windchill. I usually do $1-2 depending on what coin I have, or if I don't have coin I'll buy a scratch ticket for them when I pay for the gas. It has to be one of the worst jobs in Winnipeg in winter. *shiver*