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Coates' Meat Markets 1903 - 1925

I found this circa 1910 postcard at Peel's and thought that I'd try to find out what I could about Mr. Cotes and his meat markets.

Oh, and if you thought that in the days when horse and wagon ruled the road that things would have been less hectic for drivers, check out the above article from the November 24, 1911 Free Press. I wonder if it was the two gentlemen  seen above involved in the accident ?!

 Manitoba Free Press, March 6, 1906

William Coates came to Winnipeg from London in 1888 at the age of 17. He worked for the meat packing firm Gordon, Ironside and Fares before deciding to get into business for himself. Around 1903 he started Coates' Meat Market at 483 Portage Avenue at Colony and by 1906 had a second store at 126 Osborne Street. Coates also had a contract to supply the General Hospital and CPR shops with meat.

December 3, 1921, Manitoba Free Press

By June 1909 there were six stores and two more added over the summer. Other locations  included 887 Sherbrook Street at Elgin, 600 Main Street and Maryland at Sargent.  

In 1925 Coates ran into financial difficulties and his old employer stepped in to act as custodian. The stores were sold off until all that remained was the original Portage Avenue location.

January 23, 1948, Winnipeg Free Press

Coates died on January 22, 1948. He left behind widow Bertha, who died in 1975 at the age of 99, and daughters Anne May and Bertha.

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